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Spanish Adjective Agreement Powerpoint

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An adjective, which ends with an “e” or consonant, corresponds to both women and male substantes. Female example: una manzana verde (a green apple) Male example: a gato verde (a green cat) Previous Next 8 nomads and adjectives agree:Form the plural: If the noun/adjective ends in a vocal -s Los muchachos son atléticos. El muchacho`s atlético. Is this Nounes escritorio or? Female male What adjective fits that? larga largo Now that we know if a name is feminine or masculine, let`s see how to match an adjective. Back Next adjective chord in Spanish. Start. In Spanish, the adjective must adapt to the nostantif both sexually and in the same number. Dial from sex or number to continue exploring. sex. The number. Let`s get back to the cover movie.

In Spanish, the adjective must adapt to the nostantif both sexually and in the same number. Select the right adjective to match the Nostunat. 1. Amigo 2. honestidad bueno buena mucho mucha 3. oreja 4. papel pequeéo pequeéo sucio sucia Back Now let`s try everything together! Is it the Noun mariposa or? Female male What adjective fits that? bonita bonito Good job! It can be remembered that the adjectives that end on “a” correspond to female names Next 10 inglés —- inglesa ingleses — inglesas Nomen and adjectives agree with: To make the plural: Exceptions: If a noun/adject Ends with a `Change it into one` and add -Ex: piz— lapices pez — peces Nationalities: To suit in the sex of nationalities that end in consonant, add nationality – to nationality for women. Ex: Singular PLURAL inglés —- inglesa ingleses — inglesas espaéol — espaéola espaéoles — espaéolas – z – es – c – an adjective that ends with an “o” corresponding to a male name. Example: a gato pequeéo (the little cat) An adjective that ends in “a” corresponds to a female name.

Example: una manzana pequea (the small apple) Next precedent . Let`s try it now! Are the following nouns women or men? 1. Amigo 2. honestidad Feminine Maskuline Male Feminin 3. oreja 4. papel Feminine Maskuline Male backs back . . . . 6 D.

Male name: Generally finished in – How works in general: D. Maskuline Substantive: Generally fine in – o Ex: el chico el abuelo el bolégrafo el libro Elbro libro es rojo. El bolégrafo es negro. . . . 4 How sex (male/female) B works. The adjectives in Spanish must follow and approve the — and ________________________of the name. Number (singular/plural) Elos son guapos.

Hermosen, Ella`s son. Ellos estén contentos. . . . 2 What is an adjective? Adjectives describe names! Adjectives are descriptive words! Examples: bonito (a) feo (a) gordo (a) delgado (a) honesto (a) lieoso (a) obediente desobediente . . Unfortunately, there are exceptions to the rule. Here are a few: Back Next. . In Spanish, all names have a gender, either female or male.

But how do you know if a name is a woman or a man? The next one. 95% of the time is a name that ends in a masculine “o” and a name that ends in a feminine “a.” But what about the remaining 5%? The next… 7 How it works: – e el la E. Names that end in `must be memorized with the article to remember the sex. EX: “cine” – “clase” – klasse – cine – clase (The same goes for names that end in a sound such as “calcetén”- – calcetén.) Other examples: el fetbol el celular el proyector el .

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