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Uk Withdrawal Agreement Northern Ireland Protocol

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The backstop would have required Northern Ireland to remain on certain aspects of the internal market until an alternative agreement is reached between the EU and the UK. The proposal also provided that the UK as a whole would have a common customs territory with the EU until a solution was found to avoid the need for customs controls in the UK (between Northern Ireland and Great Britain). The “backstop” element was that the deal could be maintained indefinitely, unless the UK and the EU reach an agreement on another deal, such as a trade deal between the UK and the EU at the end of the transitional period. In addition, paragraph 50 stressed that there would be no new controls on goods and services to be transported from Northern Ireland to Great Britain. Subsequently, in 2018, paragraph 50 of the EU Final Withdrawal Agreement was removed, as it is an internal matter in the UK. This 2018 final withdrawal agreement was initially approved by the British Prime Minister (Theresa May), but the DUP (whose minority government voted to support) vetoed the January 2019 parliamentary vote. [26] The UK Parliament must implement two authorisation procedures before the UK can ratify the Withdrawal Agreement. The EU`s Withdrawal Act 2018 and the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010 (CRAG) pose procedural obstacles to the UK`s ability to ratify what has been negotiated. The Withdrawal Act also provides for a parliamentary process in the event that an agreement is refused by the House of Commons or if a negotiated agreement is never presented to it.

The NI protocol, known as the “backstop,” is supposed to be temporary and apply unless it is replaced by an agreement on the future relationship that the parties will attempt to reach by December 31, 2020. The Protocol foresees that the common travel area and North-South cooperation will continue to a large extent as it does today, as will the internal electricity market (so that some EU legislation on wholesale electricity markets will continue to apply). Those documents set out the draft decisions of the Joint Committee and the draft unilateral declarations of the United Kingdom and the EU within the Joint Committee, which essentially constitute this Agreement. The Irish backstop is repealed and replaced by a new Protocol on Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland. The whole of the UK is leaving the EU customs union as a single customs territory, with Northern Ireland included in all future UK trade agreements. However, Northern Ireland adopts EU rules on the internal market for goods (including EU VAT) to avoid a hard border and remains a point of entry into the EU customs union. [23] This results in a de jure customs border on the island of Ireland, but de facto a customs border along the Irish Sea. EU tariffs (which depend on a free trade agreement between the UK and the EU) levied by the UK on behalf of the EU would be levied on goods that run from Britain to Northern Ireland and are “threatened” with subsequent transport and sale in the Republic of Ireland; If, ultimately, this is not the case, companies in Northern Ireland can claim discounts on products for which the UK had lower tariffs than the EU. [24] [25] On 8 December, the Joint Committee – the monitoring body for the WITHDRAWAL AGREEMENT between the UK and the EU – announced that it had reached an agreement in principle on all outstanding issues concerning the Protocol on Northern Ireland. The Joint Committee will formally adopt these decisions at its next meeting before the entry into force of the Protocol on 1 January 2021. According to the Protocol, EU VAT legislation will apply to Northern Ireland, but it will continue to be managed by UK systems.

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